A Love Letter from Stacey Lathem

My Dearest Lowcountry,

Thank you. Thank you for being a glorious backdrop to life. The smell of confederate jasmine and honeysuckle wafting in the spring make me feel like I live in paradise. Your spectacular sunsets, charming traditions, and loving people make me feel grateful on a daily basis. I often have moments where I genuinely think, “I live here?” and have to remind myself that I am not on vacation.

I am grateful for your beautiful parks where we spend warm days by the water and playing with our dogs. The quality moments of walking around the historic district and having Adam teach me about the architecture and history of the buildings he learned about in his historic preservation studies. Even the times in traffic when stuck behind a horse and carriage… how can you really be mad?

I realize I am especially lucky to get to live on the peninsula where I can bike to work, walk to my favorite restaurants, and be a part of the cultural growth of this great city. When I leave the peninsula I get to travel over bridges with fantastic views of marsh, harbor, sailboats, and container ships. My favorite is sharing a bucket of Coronas on the deck at Red’s Ice House, watching the dolphin, paddleboarders, and boats go by.

I love hearing when others move to town is that there is “always so much to do”. It’s true. Sometimes you exhaust me with your plethora of options: oyster roasts, fundraisers, movies in Marion Square, concerts in the park, Second Sundays on King, Farmers Markets, and more. Can I just get some sleep sometimes?!

Thank you for introducing me to the Ultimate Frisbee community and all the wonderful people who make exercising fun and give me a reason to see 50+ of my nearest and dearest each week.

Not to mention the Theatre 99 crew who literally make people laugh for a living. You mean to tell me on a Wednesday night I can see live improv theatre and drink a beer for less than $10? Seriously, where else?

Most of all, thank you for bringing Adam and I together. The lowcountry is where we have fallen in love, made our home, are renovating a house, and getting married. You provide the sites, sounds, and smells for the movie that is our life. We couldn’t be more grateful.

With love,

Stacey is a proud resident of the North Central neighborhood on the peninsula with her husband-to-be-this-week, Adam, two dogs, Bella and Diego, and diva cat, Julian. She came to Charleston in 2004 to attend the College of Charleston and never looked back. She likes to stay busy playing ultimate frisbee, performing at Theatre 99, project managing at BlueKey, Inc. Days off include long Hampton Park walks, trips to Revelry Brewing, and trying to make it to the beach.

Stacey with her fur-children as captured by her fiance, Adam

Stacey with her fur-children as captured by her fiance, Adam