Community Garden Project

Our Community is full of large oak trees. They line the streets and our backyards, it’s one of the reasons we all love living on our shady part of the island. While the trees are beautiful and create the perfect backyard temperature on a hot summer day, they are not ideal when planning your garden. You may often see tomato plants on front porches or peppers growing by the street. We came together as a community and began to raise money for a community garden to be created in one of our many neighborhood parks with plenty of sunlight exposure. I’ll spare you the political details, but our garden plans have recently been revised to accommodate a different space in our neighborhood. While I am personally excited about the change in location (I will now be able to easily push a wheelbarrow to our rented plot), others in the neighborhood are skeptical about how much traffic will now flow to the new location (garden site). This got me thinking about other community gardens I’ve seen around the Lowcountry. They are all truly beautiful and unique to each neighborhood. Check out some of the gardens already established and see if there is one near you!

Magnolia Park Community Garden

Elliotborough Park and Community Garden

Charleston Park Conservatory Community Garden Projects

Stay tuned for more posts as the garden is created in Riverland Terrace!