Cheers at Deep Water Vineyard


It’s been nine weeks since I gave birth to our first child, little Ruby. To say that I am still adjusting to life as a Mom would be an understatement, so when I was invited out to Wadamalaw Island for lunch at a friend’s house followed by a wine tasting at the neighboring vineyard, I felt torn between wanting to attend while leaving my baby for the first time.

Ultimately, what new mother can turn down an opportunity to let her hair down and drink wine on a Saturday afternoon?  I was excited because I’ve never actually been out to Wadamalaw Island. (Note: GPS doesn’t work great when you get to the edges of John’s Island. Keep right on Maybank Hwy. and you will drive to the end of the Island where the vineyards are on the left.) I didn’t realize how remote the island was. I was relying on my GPS to get me to my friend’s home and ended up taking the very scenic route, passing the cutest little Post Office and Ambrose Farms. At first, when I was driving up what my friend would call her driveway (I would compare it to driving alone in the woods similar to the beginning of a horror movie), all I could think was “Who would live this far out?” until the trees cleared and I was in front of a stunning home right on the water with breath-taking views. When I stopped to look, there seemed to be a beautiful view, no matter where we were on the island. After a wonderful lunch on her back porch, we made our way to Deep Water Vineyard (formerly Irvin House Vineyard) just a few short miles down the road.

Photo Credit @stefaniwilkens

On Saturdays, the vineyard hosts a Weekend Wine Down, with food and music. I was surprised at how many people were there. It seemed to be the gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. For $5.00 we were given a ticket to the next scheduled wine tasting and for $6.00 more we decided to check out the neighboring Firefly Distillery tasting room. 

We gathered in a cute souvenir shop and were called into the “tasting room” promptly at our 2:30pm ticketed time. Not only did we sample five different wines, we also learned about the history of the vineyard and Wadamalaw Island, and got to take home a complimentary wine glass. The wine is made of muscadine grapes, the only grape truly native to the U.S. Growing up in the south, I associate these grapes with afternoon snacks picked fresh from my Granny’s yard, when walking home from school. As it turns out, they don’t make a bad wine.

After we finished the wine tasting, we crossed the patio/afternoon dance floor and entered the Firefly tasting room. This was a different experience from the wine tasting (and rightfully so). We stood at a bar and raised a shot glass, when the bartender would call out a Firefly vodka, whiskey, or moonshine that we might like to try (disclaimer: they do limit you to five tasting pours). This room was rowdy and full of fun, whereas the wine tasting was a little more sophisticated.

All of this “tasting” made me hungry, so I made a beeline for the advertised meatloaf cupcakes. These did not disappoint! Meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes, bbq sauce and bacon, enough said. All of the food looked equally as tasty. Some of the ladies in our group shared this delicious fruit and cheese platter.

Photo Credit @Stefaniwilkens

Once I pulled my face out of the meatloaf cupcake, I took a look around and realized that there was so much more than the tastings. There were farm animals, gardens, and art. Since I assumed all was well on the home front (I hadn’t received any frantic calls from my husband to come home immediately, little did I know that my cell phone didn’t have service), I decided to walk the grounds and explore. I really can’t say enough about how much fun I had on my first day away from baby. In hindsight, if I had known that the cell phone service was so limited on Wadamalaw Island, I may not have gone, but perhaps it was good for me (and Daddy) that I wasn’t easily accessible.

Deep Water Vineyard and Firefly will definitely be a place that I take visiting family and friends in the future. Cheers to next time y’all!