Decorate Local


You upsized your living space, now what? We recently moved from a 1,500 square foot cottage to a 2,300 square foot multi-story box. Things that worked beautifully in my cottage, no longer work so well in our new space. I found myself on the hunt for new(ish) everything, from the curtains to the soap dishes. Since starting this blog over two years ago, I more than ever, appreciate locally made goods and supporting locally owned businesses. I beam with pride when getting a compliment on a piece that I may have picked up from a local artist at a craft market. As we begin to live in our new space, I'm slowly filling it with pieces that I adore. Below are just a few of the amazing local items that I have found recently:

This is the very first thing that I bought for our new house. It's an adorable handmade quilted pineapple throw pillow by the talented Stitchy Things Co. Follow on Instagram @stitchythingsco

Emily introduced me to the new home furniture and décor shop Hausful. Beware, walking into this place, you will want it all!  I have my eye on a gorgeous sofa and toddler bed for little Ruby. Follow on Instagram for all of the latest sale updates @hausful

I think that deep-down, one of the reasons I fell in love with our new boxy house is because of all the blank walls. There is so much room to hang amazing art. Charleston Artist Collective made me want their pieces from the very first time I came across their Instagram @charlestonartistcollective. Truly amazing local talent can be found here. I can't wait to purchase and hang my first piece!

Our new front porch could use some pizzaz to make it more welcoming to family and friends. I happened upon the Old Charleston Trading Company one hot Friday afternoon and found a gorgeous, half-sized joggling board. I knew at once that it had to be mine! They also have beautiful furniture and décor. It can be a little tricky to find, and they're only open Friday thru Sunday. Check their Facebook page for the latest updates. Who needs a rocking horse, when you can have a rocking row boat? Follow on Instagram @oldcharlestontradingcomany

I have no doubt that once my husband and I can decide on a wood finish, we will be purchasing a new dining room suite from Charleston Amish Furniture. If you haven't visited this store yet, you're missing out. The customer service is phenomenal, the attention to detail is spot on, and the products are superior. Just know that each dining piece is made to order, so it may take a while for your perfect piece to arrive, but I'm hoping that it will be well worth the wait!  Dinner party at our house anyone? (Side note: we also purchased a Folly Beach inspired quilt at Charleston Amish Furniture for our master bedroom. It is Gorgeous!)

Daydreaming of this beautiful Dining Suite.

Daydreaming of this beautiful Dining Suite.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Mount Pleasant Mall is hands-down one of my favorite shopping spots. I don't get to go as often as I would like because I am now accompanied everywhere by a very busy one-year-old, but when I do get the occasional moment to myself, I head on over. While not everything is locally made, each booth is individually rented. Follow on Instagram @mtpleasantmall

I surprised myself last month by taking an interest in Horn and Heel at the American Made Market held outside Edmond's Oast. Surprised because, well, the kitchen is my least favorite room and my husband's domain, but these handmade knives commanded my attention. They were stunning pieces of culinary art. I slipped their card into my wallet for safe-keeping for when the holidays come around. No doubt we will own a set of these beauties in the very near future. Follow on Instagram @hornandheel

Tell us where you like to shop for local goods. I still have about 2,000 square feet to decorate!