Lowcountry Library Love

(Are you tired of the alliteration, yet? No? Good. If you read One Small, One Tall, you learned that my initials were EEE with my maiden name. What can I say? I like a good triple letter combo.)

Growing up, my mom and I had three mutual hobbies; singing, reading, and visiting open houses. While I tended to impress my friends by hitting the high notes from “Oh Happy Day” on the Sister Act 2 soundtrack, singing remained a hobby while literacy became my career. Well, advocating and fundraising for literacy. Naturally, the open house visits came into play later in life.

Charleston is one of the fortunate cities in this country that has a large library system- 16 branches, in fact. And to your benefit, they are growing, building new libraries, and renovating the current locations thanks to a referendum that was passed last year. Noting that Charleston County spans 100 miles, there are libraries from McClellanville to Edisto, all staffed with knowledgeable employees and filled with unlimited resources.

So what are some of those resources? For those that live within the county and don’t have access to the internet, all 16 branches have wi-fi and computers for the public. Each summer, the libraries are filled with participants for Summer Reading Programs and Piccolo Spoleto Events. The Met Opera Series brings in hundreds of regular attendees throughout the schedule and has been a Main Library favorite for many years. Looking for personal development courses? There’s an upcoming Digital Storytelling class taking place at different branches throughout the county. The DIY Event Planning classes are taking place as we speak and look very interesting! Last but not least; book sales. The Charleston Friends of the Library put on several book sales a year with prices starting at just $1 for adult books and $0.50 for children’s books and the funds go back to these very programs I just told you about. Win-win.

Want to know the best part about all of these resources? They are FREE to Charleston County residents. I encourage each of you to visit your public library. Walk right in, with or without a library card and look around you. See how the library has evolved since you checked out that Nancy Drew book two decades ago or dropped in for a quiet place to study. You will see a bustling facility with people from all ages and stages interacting and making good use of their public library. As the saying goes, “Having fun isn’t hard when you have a library card”.

Thank you to the staff and volunteers at the Charleston County Public Library system for making this city greater and brighter with your contributions!

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Photo credit: LowcountryAfricana.com

Photo credit: LowcountryAfricana.com