In Pursuit of the Perfect Terrace

When I first made the move to Charleston, I temporarily stayed with a friend who resided in Wagener Terrace. It was love at first sight with the Terrace and Hampton Park.  I just knew that I had to live there!  I discovered a fabulous apartment that I rented which was perfect walking distance to the park and biking distance to all that King Street has to offer. After enjoying several years of exploring life in Wagener Terrace , I ended up meeting and marrying my husband.  While I loved living near Hampton Park, it was time for a bigger space.  I made the transition to island life (James Island that is) and moved into my husband's house.

I hated giving up the walkable community lifestyle that I had become so accustomed to. His house was located in the center of the island on a busy street with no sidewalks. This change in lifestyle was having a major effect on our relationship.

After living in "his" home for a year, we began to look for "our" home in Wagener Terrace, the neighborhood that had first stolen my heart. After some failed offers and a few contracts falling through, we took a chance and opened our search to other communities that are considered “walkable.” This is when we discovered Riverland Terrace (who knew there was another Terrace out there that I could love as much?!). This was the perfect compromise for my husband and I. We still had the conveniences that he enjoyed on James Island and I had a walkable community full of parks, gardens, and friendly neighbors. We love our tucked away home with a water view. I knew that I was destined to live in a terrace!

If you're interested in learning more about Wagener Terrace, Hampton Park, Riverland Terrace or James Island, I would be happy to share my experience!

Tater Approved

Tater Approved