Sound Like a Lowcountry Local

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a luncheon with a group of friends (and Friends volunteers from my former life) when I was corrected in my pronunciation of the word Chicora, by a Charleston resident of 60 years. Now, if someone's going to correct me, I want it to be this gal, a former school teacher and extreme book lover. Today, I'm here to help prevent this travesty from happening to you, with a quick reference guide to some of those tricky words we use around the Lowcountry:

Barre (BEAR-E)
Beaufain (buh-FANE)
Beaufort (BUE-fuht)
Chapin (CHAY-pin)
Chicora (shuh-KOH-ruh)
Cooper (KOOP-uh)
Gaillard (gil-YAHD)
Givhans (GIV-ANZ)
Hassell (HAZE-ul)
Huger (YOO-JEE)
Kiawah (KEE-ah-WAH)
Legare (luh-GREE)
Moultrie (MOOL-tri)
Prioleau (PRAE-LOE)
Sans Souci (SAHN SOO-si)
Sumter (SUMP-tur)
Vanderhorst (VAN DRAWS)

I even got Ms. Jean (the gal referenced above) to help you out, so you can hear the words. Believe me, your GPS will butcher them, so pay no mind to that silly thing. (Seriously, HUGE-ER?)

Looking for a pocket guide to impress your house guests? I pulled all of these phonetically spelled works from the book "Correct Mispronunciations of Some South Carolina Names". The book is available on Amazon, but I'd check with a Friends of the Library Book Sale (where I got my copy, with a past owner's inscription from 1996) or Blue Bicycle Books on King Street, first.

Need a quick guide to more words? This South Carolina Pronunciation Guide is helpful, as well, but the list is VERY long.

Have any to add, natives? Comment below. We'll take your video submissions on pronunciations, as well.

*** Congratulations to Angela and David on the birth of their healthy baby girl, yesterday! We'll be back on a regular schedule, Monday, March 28. Until then, lots of baby cuddles (and hopefully some sleep). ***